Welcome to Rumalutions! The Evolution of Rum Cake!

  • Shipping

  • We here at Rumalutions are privileged to have the opportunity to send you our cakes so that you can share the experience!  We vacuum seal all of our cakes so that they arrive to you as fresh as possible.  What makes us different from a lot of businesses, is that we only bake the cakes after you order it, so you will not get a cake that has been sitting on the shelf. 
  1. Shipping dates are a new policy that we are implementing to best organize our operation.  However if you need a cake sooner please give us a call, depending on how soon an additional cost will be applied. 
  2. Our main shipping days are,  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, however depending on the situation it will vary, because we want to get you the freshest product as quickly as possible! 
  3. Cakes will be baked in the order that it was placed online.  We bake everything fresh, so the turn around time will vary depending on the amount of orders we have to bake that day or week.  Holidays are our busy times, and unless orders are place early, they maybe delayed slightly.  However they are definitely worth the wait! 
  4. Depending on where you are located in the United States the shipping time is between 1 - 4 business days, after the order is backed
  • Storage:
  1. Because we don’t use any preservatives in our rum cakes they will last vacuum sealed at room temperature for 2-3 weeks un-opend
  2. We recommend if you are not planning to eat the cake right away or within 2-3 days, store it in your refrigerator.  In the refrigerator the cake will stay fresh un-opened for 2 - 3 months.
  3. If you want to freeze them, they will stay fresh from 6 - 12 months.  
  • Terms and Conditions:
  • All products are made in a clean environment.  Some products are made with peanut products, so please be aware if you have any allergies.  Also we have products that do not have peanuts in them however they are still made in the same environment as our peanut products.

    Our mission is to bring joy, happiness, and lots of smile to each, and everyone who experiences Rumalutions Rum Cakes. We are dedicated to our customers to provide consistency, great flavor, and constant gratitude for your friendship!