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Hi everyone, and welcome to RUMALUTIONS, the evolution of Rum Cakes! I, like many other people, love rum cake, but for years all I had was the original, and then it started to get boring. Don't get me wrong -- the original is still good -- but change was needed, and so it began!  

 From one original recipe that my sister gave me years ago, I decided to go to work on making it better. I wanted a cake that had more flavor, not too strong, but just the right balance. I would have the finest rum, but not one that would overpower the taste of the cake, one that would be its perfect match. This cake needed to be moist, but not so moist that you couldn't feel the texture of the cake. I wanted it to have layers of texture and flavor. If you were to start at the top you would get a savory topping of a smooth rum glaze. The middle would be a balance of a flavorful moist cake. The bottom would be a combination of everything in one place to send your taste buds and your mind on an adventure of pure pleasure.  

For years I experimented making rum cakes just for fun. I tried new flavors, techniques, and different types of rum. Then the few friends, coworkers, and family members that I would share them with started to enjoy them more than I expected. However, most of us tend to be our harshest critic and inside I just knew that I wasn’t satisfied. That meant I wasn't ready to share this gift with the rest of the world. Yes, I did say a gift; with each process, technique, and most of all the love that goes into each cake, they are presents from the heart.

Each flavor of the rum cake comes with its own unique experience,  energy, and emotion filled in every bite.  Each cake is made with a different type  of rum or liquor combination.  This creates a relationship of flavors  that is unmatched, we break the rules, not the law of rum cakes, and  that is why we are so different from the rest!  As one loyal Rumalutions customer said, “ they  just make you happy, and ready to dance!” Hearing those types of responses from people was one of the greatest driving forces in starting this business. I enjoy and love to make people happy, and through  Rumalutions, and rum cakes, we can make an impact in the lives of our customers.  We  are able to do it in a whole new, Rum Cakes with Purpose!  

Life should be about bringing joy, and love to the lives of other people, and in return it will come back to you. This is one of the ways God allows us to do our part! It would be my honor and privilege to share this experience with you, and hear your story of how Rumalutions brought a smile, and a little bit more happiness to your life!

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